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ISSUE... Number Forty-Three 

Election Special ... June 2009 


This was the reaction of many leftists as the 
European Parliamentary elections results 
came in. Not only did the BNP defeat the left 
in every seat they jointly contested, but both 
Scargill's Socialist Labour Party and Bob 
Crow's, N02EU party were also beaten in 
various regions by the Christian Party, the 
English Democrats and even the miniscule 
Cornish National Party, Mebyon Kernowl 

Both party's had decided to contest every 
seat and nationally Scargill's, Socialist 
Labour Party attracted 173,000 votes, and 
while this sounds impressive it is only 1.1%, 
the type of percentage that the Monster 
Raving Looney Party normally receives! 

"IS THAT ALL? 1.1%?" 

N02EU fared even worse. They also 
contested every seat but pinned their hopes 
on making a major impact particularly in 
Scotland, where they had recruited the 
charismatic, Tommy "the swinger" Sheridan 
to their cause. Sadly for them, they only 
managed to poll 9000 votes, less than 1%, 

and were beaten not only by the BNP, 
Scargill's SLP, and the previously unknown 
Christian Party, they were even beaten by an 
independent candidate and the Scottish 
Socialist Party which Tommy Sheridan had 
helped to found! 


Nationally, N02EU polled 153,000 votes, just 
about 1%. On hearing the results Bob Crow 
called for urgent talks between socialist 
organisations and trade unions perhaps to 
form another new group. Mark Serwotka, 
General-Secretary of the PCS civil service 
union proposes that as a way forward, trade 
unions should stand candidates themselves. 
This could bring the unions in conflict with the 
TUC where the "big-boys", Unite and the 
GMB, continue to fund the Labour Party. 

We cannot see the Tony Woodlevs and 
Derek Simpsons of this world jeopardising 
their eventual knighthoods, or seats in the 
House of Lords by standing their own 
candidates against Labour .. Can you? 


ISSUE ... Number Forty-Three 

Post-Election Special 


Firstly, let us congratulate the left groups that 
did partake in the electoral process. Far 
better to stand and get defeated, than to take 
the cowards way out, like Searchlight, UAF 
and the Communist Party of Great Britain, 
who just sniped from the sidelines. We did 
warn the Socialist Party of Great Britain that 
standing in London 
against N02EU and the 
Socialist Labour Party 
was not a great move, 
and the 4000 votes they 
obtained (0.2%) reflected 
badly against N02EU's 
17000 and the SLP's 15000 votes. So where 
to from here? 

Searchlight and the UAF will continue to cash 
in on the fear that they themselves 
perpetuate, such as, the BNP is on the verge 
of power and plans are in place to build 
Britain's first concentration camp. Cash from 
Jewish groups and trade unions will continue 
to pour in, as is the plan. 
The Socialist Labour Party did best of all 
the left groups, but 1.1% is hardly a 
revolution. We predict that the party will 
continue to tick over until "King" Arthur finally 
goes to "the great coal mine in the sky" and 
then the party will quietly cease to exist. 


Bob Crow is already looking for new partners 
for his NQ2EU party. The Communist Party 
of Britain {Morning Star) seem to be 
withdrawing from N02EU as quickly as they 
decently can and despite previous 
differences, the SWP look to be on the fringe 
of joining up. Of course the SWP's track 
record of joining, taking control and then 
nursing a party into oblivion must be of 
concern. The tactic was successful with the 
Socialist Alliance, and partly successful with 
one element of Respect. Just how Peter 
Taaffe and his Socialist Party of England and 
Wales, formerly Militant, will react to the 
inclusion of the SWP is anyone's guess, but 
after providing many of the foot soldiers to 
campaign for N02EU, we visualise that 
Taaffe and co will depart if the SWP arrive! 
We forecast "if NO"EU survives until the next 
General Election then its small core 
supporter base will further reduce and the 
party will go the way of the Socialist Alliance 
within 12 months or so. 

The Socialist Party of Britain 

We did query if London was the best 
constituency to contest in the EU elections 
and we were proved right. The party attracted 
just 4000 votes (0.02%) out of a turnout of 
1 .7 million! But the party will continue to exist, 
because that's its chief ambition, it exists to 

So, where does the left go from here? 
Another new group will be formed and we 
have no doubt that in the next general 
election and in any by-elections beforehand, 
they will continue to fall into the electoral void 
where they spend all of their resources on 
attacking the BNP instead of promoting their 
core policies. Whatever electoral front name 
they come up with, the public will know they 
are against the BNP and very little else!